Commission Work at a Hair Salon

What would you think if I told you that having a Hair stylist in your home can help to restore your self-esteem? Have you ever had a haircut where you were totally happy with the results and felt your self-esteem levels raised significantly? Whether it’s on a birthday, Christmas or New Year’s Day it’s usually when we feel like we can do no wrong. It’s as if we are looking in the mirror for admiration.

But what happens when we find that we are happy with our haircut, but the mood doesn’t last? We may be too embarrassed to discuss it with anyone, or it may be far too late by the time we get round to telling our friends or family. However, if we don’t find out why we are unhappy with our haircut then we are likely to be unhappy for long.

A haircut that is unpleasant may never leave us completely satisfied. In addition, the haircut could have left us feeling worse about ourselves than we were before we had the haircut.

What does this mean for you and your hair stylist? It means that if you are unhappy with your haircut there is every chance that you will be unhappy with the way you look in future.

This is not good news because happy people are usually happy with themselves. So you may be thinking “But if they are unhappy they will be unhappy forever!”

It’s true, but to be honest it’s not always the case. The hair stylist may be more likely to give you a good haircut if you are happy with yourself before the haircut. And remember, the more that you enjoy your haircut the more likely it is that you will enjoy your hair.

Remember that the haircut that you get should be according to your personal needs. If you are unhappy with yourself, there is every chance that you will be unhappy with your haircut.

And if you are happy with yourself before you went to your haircuts? Then you will be more likely to enjoy your haircut. This makes perfect sense!

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